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Pull Down Grab Rail

Pull Down Grab Rail



Our Dolphy series are made to the highest quality standards and feature a hidden mounting system with ‚Ausure grip‚AU handles. All grab rails come complete with mounting hardware.


  • Product Code: DHGB0036
  • Product Name: Pull Down Grab Rail  with Toilet Roll Holder 850mmL x 315mmH
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: #304 Stainless Steel
  • Tubing: 1.2mm #304 Stainless Steel - 32mmØ
  • Mounting Bracket & Brace: 2.5mm Formed
  • Overall Dimension: 850mm L x 315mm H
  • Grab Rail: 215mm H from outer edge to edge
  • Toilet Roll Holder: 12.5mmØ Stainless Steel Bar (168mm L with top of Holder 50mm below underside of upper rail)
  • Mounting Bracket: 104mm W x 315mm H x 30~50mm D x 2.5mm T
  • Mounting Holes: 7 off by 8mmØ


  • To secure your safety during your bathing experience. It is important to equip your bathroom with grab bars or safety rails to assist your mobility in the bathroom.
  • Rust-proof or rust-resistant, particularly for use in a shower, bath or tub.
  • Material are Strong, Durable and Safe. Strength: sufficient for safe, repeated use considering weight of user and carer/assistant (if required). Minimum load of 150 kg (for wide platform)
  • Length of the grab rail In order to ensure rails are properly fitted into supporting wall structures/frame – customized length is increasingly used. Manufacturers may offer this while installers may order rails in full length and cut-to-measure (work in collaboration with prescriber & user- when possible)

Installation Options:

  • Hold the unit on a wall in the desired location, and mark the 7 mounting holes.
  • Secure unit to wall using suitable fixings and ensure that the mounting flange is flat against the wall.
  • To finish installation, check that the grab rail moves easily from the horizontal position to the upright position. Ensure that the grab rail does not fall down when in the upright position.
  • Apply a small amount of pressure to release the grab rail from upright position and lower it back to the horizontal position.
  • Grab rail can be lowered into a horizontal position when in use, and folded into an upright position for storage.
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