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Digital Safes

Dolphy presents a range of cutting-edge digital safes designed to provide enhanced security and peace of mind. Our digital safes are ideal for hotels, protecting valuable belongings and confidential documents. Our electronic digital safes offer convenience and reliability with advanced features and innovative technology.

Guests can enjoy easy-to-use interfaces, allowing them to set their unique codes for quick and secure access. Our hotel safes' sturdy construction and tamper-resistant design ensure optimal protection against theft and unauthorized access.

Whether a small digital safety box for personal use or a larger electronic safe for commercial applications, Dolphy's digital safes combine functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Trust Dolphy to safeguard your guests' valuables with our state-of-the-art digital safe solutions.

Hotel Safe

Dolphy takes pride in offering hotel safes with exceptional features, ensuring the utmost security and convenience for hotels and individuals.

  • Advanced Security: Our digital safes provide robust protection against theft, with secure locking mechanisms and solid construction.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Guests can effortlessly operate the electronic digital safe with a user-friendly interface, allowing them to set their unique access codes.

  • Tamper-Resistant Design: Our hotel safes are built to resist tampering, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of valuable belongings.

  • Multiple Access Methods: Guests can choose between using a digital keypad, RFID card, or a combination of both to access the safe.

  • Compact and Space-Saving: Our digital safes are designed to fit seamlessly into any hotel room, offering maximum security without occupying excessive space.

Electronic Digital Safe

Our electronic digital safes are ideal for you and your guests. Here are some advanced features:

  • Emergency Override Key: In case of battery failure or forgotten codes, a backup override key ensures quick and reliable access to the safe.
  • Audit Trail: Our safes have an audit trail feature, allowing hotel management to track access history and maintain accountability.
  • LED Display: The built-in LED display provides clear visibility, ensuring easy viewing of the safe's status and programming options.
  • Adjustable Shelving: Some of our digital safes offer adjustable shelving options, providing flexibility to accommodate various sizes of belongings.
  • Interior Lighting: Selected models feature interior lighting, allowing guests to locate and retrieve their items even in low-light conditions quickly.

Digital Safety Box

Get our digital safety box for enhanced safety and security:

  • Laptop Compatible: Our safes are spacious enough to accommodate laptops, providing secure storage for valuable electronic devices.

  •  Silent Operation: The electronic locking mechanism ensures quiet operation, avoiding disturbances or noise during guest use.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our digital safes are built to withstand daily use and offer long-lasting durability.

  • Battery Backup: The safes have a battery backup to ensure uninterrupted access.

  • Stylish Design: Our digital safes feature is ideally designed for any hotel room decor, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Trust Dolphy to provide digital safes that offer a comprehensive range of features, guaranteeing top-notch security and convenience for hotels and individuals needing a reliable electronic digital safe or digital safety box solution.

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