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Double Toilet Roll Dispenser - Silver

Double Toilet Roll Dispenser - Silver



Dolphy toilet paper dispensers are designed to fit most sizes of toilet paper roll. These units are designed to withstand light to heavy paper quality with ease. Our toilet paper dispensers are convenient to use, hygienic, efficient and durable. Toilet paper roll dispensers are ideal for use in residential and commercial bathrooms.


  • Product Code: DTPR0035
  • Product Name: Double Toilet Roll Dispenser
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: #304 Stainless Steel Cabinet and Spring Clip  
  • Mounting: Surface Mounted Concealed Fix
  • Capacity: Dispenses/Holds two rolls up to 135mmØ
  • Consumable Advice: Standard Toilet Roll, can hold up to 230 sheets per roll
  • Dimensions: 310mm H x 118mm W x 126mm  D


  • Replacement roll held in place by internal Spring Clip and drawn down through side slots after bottom roll is used and core removed.
  • Unit fitted with tumbler lock
  • Unit is supplied with 1 key. Spare key can be purchased separately
  • Double toilet roll holder holds and dispenses two standard toilet rolls

Installation Options:

  • Work out correct height and position for the toilet roll holder.
  • Make sure the unit is level.
  • Use the mounting holes at the back of the toilet roll holder to mark fixing points.
  • Drill wall for the fixing hardware. Fasten the unit to the wall.
  • Check that the unit is level and tighten the fixings.
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