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Plaza Waste Bin 32L - Black

Plaza Waste Bin 32L - Black


The Dolphy 32L Large Capacity Rubbish Bin is designed to make your life easier. Made with a sleek design and plastic construction, this 32L garbage can is easy to clean. Its large capacity and leak proof technology ensure that it is more convenient to use and reduces the waste of multiple trips to clean this garbage container. The streamlined design with rounded edges makes cleaning easier than ever before.

The Dolphy Rubbish Bin is designed to keep your home and work space clean with its sleek design, large capacity and touch-free automatic opening. It features a large opening so you can throw kitchen waste into the open base without bending over – making cleaning easy.

  • ProductName: Plaza Waste Bin
  • ProductCode: DWBN0015
  • Capacity: 32L
  • Material: PPPlastic (Polypropylene)
  • Color: Black
  • Unit Size: L414xW280xH550mm
  • Unit Weight: 2050g
  • Recommended Garbagebag: 60x80cm
  • Optional Installation Method: Wall mounted or be placed on the ground according to your needs.


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