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Automatic LED Display Shoe Cover Dispenser

Automatic LED Display Shoe Cover Dispenser



Fully Automatic shoe cover dispenser eliminate the problem of taking up a lot of slippers for guests. Easy to use with a gentle touch, it takes only a few seconds to quickly cover shoes with the film. There is no need for a push-cut step. Widely used in Food factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Electric factory, Chemical industry, Dustless room, Clinics, Laboratory, Hospital, Museum.


  • Product name: Automatic LED Display Shoe Cover Dispenser
  • Product Code: DSCD0006
  • Colour: Black
  • Operation: Fully Automatic
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Rated Power: 75w - 1300w
  • Preheating Time: 2min
  • Dimensions: 84cm X 45cm X 31cm
  • Capacity of shoe cover: 1000pc
  • Net Weight: 21kg



  • Convenient: It only takes about 30 seconds to replace the PVC fil roll, then it can use 1000 times consecutively
  • LED Display: The LED display can display the number of films, temperature, film length, time, etc
  • Remaining Supplies Reminder: Set the number of shoes in advance, each use of a shoe film will be calculated through intelligent procedures, always remind the amount of shoe film, convenient replacement in time, energy saving, 
  • Temperature Adjustment Setting: According to the indoor temperature, adjust the heat shrinking temperature suitable for your film at any time. Even if you tap it, you can enjoy the comfortable filming experience.
  • PVC Film length Adjustment: According to the common shoe size, adjust the length of the shoe film that suits you, avoid unnecessary waste, and use the consumables for a longer period to further enhance the aesthetics of the sole after lamination.
  • Timing Setting: set the time period when the product is put into use, save energy and safety


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